Medical Services

Medical Services

UITCT Employment and Training Department

Overview of UITCT Medical Services

The Primary Care Clinic at the Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas provides a full range of family practice services. Services include:

–  Wellness Care
–  Acute Care for injuries or illness
–  Management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and arthritis
–  Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases

Lab Services

Lab services include routine labs for preventive care services and chronic conditions managed by UITCT providers.


The Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas does NOT receive funding to provide or pay for the following services:
–  Referrals to specialist doctors
–  X-rays, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, or MRI’s
–  Diagnostic tests
–  Urgent care visits
–  Emergency room visits
–  Maternity Care
–  Optometry
–  Podiatry

We are also unable to pay for certain medications that are not stocked in our pharmacy that have to be filled at an outside pharmacy. For more information about outside prescriptions, please see our Pharmacy page.

Providers will refer patients externally for services not offered by UITCT. The cost of external services is not covered by UITCT. Please see our Medical Referrals and Health Coverage pages for details of how to access health care for more complex health needs.

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