Property Management

Property Management


In August 2012, Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas' previous facility on Jefferson Boulevard suffered a weather related roof collapse affecting 50% of the building. The organization continued to be operational in the remaining 50% of the building, but realized a change was in order.

After careful consideration of the needs of the entire community, UITCT decided to relocate to a more centralized location in the Dallas Medical District. In May 2013, UITCT opened our new, bigger, and better-equipped primary care and dental clinic at 1261 Record Crossing Road. Administrative and Employment and Training departments being housed in suite 1283 Record Crossing Road.

In March 2014, within one year of moving to the new location, the Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas was able to achieve their goal of purchasing the entire Record Crossing office building. With ownership of the 4.1 acre lot and 58,816 square foot building, UITCT also assumed landlord responsibilities for the twelve other suites.

The Record Crossing Road office is presently managed by RCPM - Record Crossing Property Management, an agent of the Owner. Maintenance requests can be submitted using the form at the bottom of the page. Leasing inquiries can be sent to



1261 - UITCT - Primary Care and Dental Clinic   -   6,436 SF
1267 - McCarron Dial Systems, Inc.   -   3,556 SF
1269 - Inter-Tribal Outreach Center   -   3,472 SF
1271 - Beach Construction   -   3,032 SF
1277 - Truno   -   2,929 SF
1283 - UITCT  - Administration   -   6,436 SF
1301 - Victory Outreach Dallas   -   8,783 SF
1305 - Paiton's Place Family Services   -   2,970 SF
1307 - UITCT - Employment & Training   -   3,051 SF
1309 - BioChroma Analytical Labs, LLC   -   2,709 SF
1311 - Baker O & P Enterprises   -   5,000 SF
1323 - VACANT   -   5,554 SF
1327 - Truno   -   1,937 SF
1329 - Covenant Purpose & Restoration Family Center   -   1,661 SF
1331 - Teatro Hispano de Dallas   -   1,253 SF


Current RCPM projects include the development of a co-working office in Suite 1269, creating partnerships with tribal governments to create the Inter-Tribal Outreach Center.


Now you can submit a ticket to us by sending an email to or submit a request by the link which will redirect you to our system please click here to send us a request.

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